Five Best Performing Stocks by Various Market Cap Ranges

I don’t think many people came back from the weekend as it feels deathly quiet out there…

Thought I’d run some screens in the meantime to look at what stocks are the best performing for the year to date, but segregate it by market cap ranges to make a fair comparison (i.e. the best mega cap is not going to perform like the best small cap)  Some minimum volume requirement was also necessary to keep out the names that trade 16,000 shares a day.

Congrats to you if you had any of these….

(please note the ranges are completely up to my discretion)

“Mega Cap” – $100B+  [going to include McDonald’s in here as it is over $95B]

IBM (IBM) +29.8%
Philip Morris (PM) +26.3%
McDonald’s (MCD) +26.2%
Fomento Economico (FMX)  [Latin American beverage distributor] +22.6%
Intel (INTC) +22.4%

“Large Cap” – $10B to $100B

El Paso (EP) [buyout] +80.4%
Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) +70.7%
Biogen (BIIB) +69.1%
Mastercard (MA) +65.5%
Range Resources (RRC) +62.5%

“Mid Cap” – $2B to $10B

Pharmasset (VRUS) +211.2%
Questor Pharma (QCOR) +192.8%
Golar (GLNG) +181.3%
Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) +133.2%
Ulta Salon, Cosmetics, Fragrance (ULTA) +112.8%

“Small Cap” – $300M to $2B

Medivation (MDVN) +170.4%
Richmont Mines (RIC) +140.7%
Conns (CONN) +137.8%
Select Comfort (SCSS) +130.1%
Mako Surgical (MAKO) 115.9%

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