Copper Stocks Jump: JJC, FCX, SCCO

This morning all of the major stock indexes are rallying sharply higher. The market is being lead higher by most commodities. Energy stocks, and the industrial metals are surging higher this morning. Copper is leading most of the industrial metals higher as the iPath Dow Jones-UBS Copper Subindex Total Return ETN (NYSE:JJC) is trading higher by 1.32 percent. This is a new 52 week high for JJC as it is now trading above the January 3, 2011 top.

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (NYSE:FCX) is considered the leading copper stock in the industry group. This stock is trading higher by $4.10 to 112.82. Recently FCX stock has come under pressure and is still well below it’s $122.69 high that was made on January 12, 2011. The stock will have daily chart resistance around the $116.00 level.

Southern Copper Corp. (NYSE:SCCO) is another leading copper stock that is trading higher by 3.50 percent today. On January 3, 2011 Southern Copper Corp. stock traded as high as $50.35 a share. The stock looks to have made a short term low on January 25, 2011 at $42.72 a share. SCCO stock will have daily chart resistance around the $47.70 level.

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  1. Molybdenum And Copper Commodities : 2 Peas In A Pod

    I like to invest in commodities that are continually put to use, as in fertilizing farms and manufacturing stainless steels (Molybdenum), l like commodities that have a low abundance on Earth and that are irreplaceable (Molybdenum). I especially like metals that do not oxidize easily (Molybdenum). Molybdenum is a shiny grey metal with a hint of blue in it and has the highest melting point of any life giving metals.

    I stay away from poisonous commodities, because we don’t really truly need them we just want them. I stick to commodities that make sense, I mean don’t you like trees, birds, animals and healthy food? Healthy food starts at the bottom of the food chain. Molybdenum can help create a healthy ecosystem Worldwide by making farms more productive(feeding bacteria in the soil to fix Nitrogen). Copper is an essential element for plants and animals also. Every little bit of money you put in a good idea helps that idea spread further like a good dream.

    Copper has many other uses than just in agriculture. Copper is used in generators or electrical motors and in a million different areas.
    What is nice about Molybdenum is that it is usually found with Copper, Silver and Rhenium in rock formations called Porphyry deposits. These metals compliment each other in certain applications eg. farming.
    If you like to invest in Copper then why not choose a mine with large amounts of Molybdenum also, or even a mine with Molybdenum as a primary component since Molybdenum is 70 times more rare than Copper and is 4 times more expensive than Copper. Molybdenum is $18 a pound and Copper is $4.50 a pound. Molybdenum is actually cheap right now and Copper is at an all time high, therefore it makes since to choose a mine that has Molybdenum as a primary metal.
    Silver is sometimes used in water filtration to prevent bacterial growth on carbon filters. It is also a great conductor of electricity. Silver is consumed industrially and is also collected as a hedge to inflation. Some people invest in mines with just high amounts of Silver which is a bad idea when you can purchase stocks in mines that have Silver, Molybdenum and Copper.
    Rhenium is also found in Porphyry deposits and is used in high temperature applications and is extremely rare on Earth at 1 part per billion. Molybdenum abundance is 1 part per million. Copper is 70 parts per million. Rhenium is also very expensive at $2000 a pound.
    There are mines that have Molybdenum as a primary component and not just a tailing or left over product to Copper mining. Mines which only produce Molybdenum as a tailing are not desirable because when Copper is not in demand mines cut back on production and that would decrease the already existing small amount of Molybdenum production also since it is just a tailing product.
    I think mines should be open pit and in desirable climates (warm) to be profitable. People can work easier and a lot safer this way.
    Carlo Biancardi (London, Ontario) March 2011

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