The 20 Best Housing Markets

This from is getting Tweeted about today and it is interesting.

A couple of thoughts occur to me.

First, if you take the time to read the Zillow reviews of each market you will notice, but not be surprised by the fact that most of the gains occurred in the early part of the decade. Once again, timing is critical.

The other thing is that of the four states — Arizona, Florida, Nevada and California — which had the biggest boom and bust, only California cities make this list. I suspect that has something to do with the diversity and robustness of California’s economy. They weren’t leveraged to real estate to the extent the other three were.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

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  1. It seems a lot of dud cities (places you wouldn’t want to live) made the list – I mean, who would have wanted to buy a house in NEWARK. But houses there were apparently a steal ten years ago. Other did cites are on the list as well – places like Bakersfield. And then cities like San Francisco are notably absent.

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