Musk’s Ultimatum: Tesla’s (TSLA) AI Revolution Could Crush Short Sellers

Elon Musk warns Tesla shorts: AI and robotics advancements could lead to 'Obliteration'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has issued a stark warning to those betting against the electric vehicle giant, including billionaire Bill Gates.

In a bold statement on X (formerly Twitter), Musk declared that once Tesla achieves full autonomy and begins mass production of its Optimus humanoid robot, anyone holding a short position against the company will face financial “obliteration.”

This warning comes as Tesla faces skepticism from short sellers who believe the company is heading towards financial trouble. However, Musk’s confidence stems from Tesla’s ambitious projects in autonomous driving and robotics.

The company is ramping up production of its Optimus humanoid robot, which Musk sees as a game-changer. Additionally, he teased the unveiling of a new “CyberCab” robo-taxi model, scheduled for August 8th at a public event.

These developments signal Tesla’s push beyond traditional automotive manufacturing into cutting-edge AI and robotics technologies.

Supporting Musk’s outlook, Gary Black, Managing Partner at Future Fund, shared an optimistic projection on X.

Black, who believes that anyone shorting Tesla stock “needs to have their head examined,” argued that Tesla’s move into robotics could potentially boost the company’s market cap to an astonishing $20 to $25 trillion.

Black based this valuation on several factors:

1. The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, expected to reach 60% adoption by 2030.
2. Tesla’s planned launch of a $25,000 vehicle in 2025, significantly expanding its total addressable market.
3. The company’s potential to solve generalized autonomy first, which could be worth $5 trillion alone.
4. The application of Tesla’s robotaxi learnings to the Optimus robot project.

Black provided a breakdown of his valuation estimate:

– Autonomous vehicles: A potential $5 trillion value based on capturing 10% of a 100 million vehicle market.
– Optimus robots: A staggering $20-$25 trillion value, assuming Tesla captures 10% of a 1 billion per year robot market.

While these projections may seem optimistic, they underscore the potential transformative impact of Tesla’s ventures beyond electric vehicles.

As the company continues to push the boundaries of technology, the warning to short sellers reflects a growing confidence in Tesla’s future prospects in AI and robotics.

However, it’s important to note that these are forward-looking statements and projections. The actual outcome will depend on Tesla’s ability to execute its ambitious plans and navigate the complex landscapes of autonomous driving and robotics development.

That said, with Elon Musk at the helm of Tesla, the realm of possibility seems to expand.

Musk’s track record of pushing technological boundaries, as evidenced by SpaceX’s remarkable advancements in reusable rocket technology and space exploration, lends credibility to Tesla’s ambitious goals.

If Musk’s success in revolutionizing space travel is any indication, Tesla’s vision for AI and robotics may not be as far-fetched as skeptics – make that: ‘clueless skeptics – believe.

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