One Word of Advice For Those Playing the Australian Boom

We should have more thoughts. But to tell you the truth, many of our thoughts went out of our head on our recent round-the-world trip. You need constant air pressure in order to maintain thoughts. And regular hours. Start getting up at midnight and going to bed at noon; thoughts have a way of disappearing by late afternoon. If they were ever there in the first place.

One thought that disappeared somewhere over the pacific was this:

The suntanned country must be close to getting burnt.

Australia is booming. Prices are high. It cost $38 for breakfast in the Crown Towers hotel. Even so, you could have only one cup of café latte. You’d have to pay extra for another one.

Our total bill for 3 nights was over $2,000. Impossible? Well, we thought so too. But when you throw in a bit of laundry…transfer from the airport…and breakfast for a friend, not to mention a consumption tax of $184, you end up over 2,000 bucks – without even a single dirty movie.

The boom has been going on Down Under for the last 19 years. Not even the Great Correction is stopping it. Each year, it sells more dirt to Asia… from 40% of its exports 10 years ago to 72% today. It should probably just sell all of Western Australia to the Asians and be done with it.

Meanwhile, the Ozzies enjoy their boom…raise their glasses…and throw raw meat on the barbie. Our colleague’s house in Melbourne has risen 200% in price since we sent her there four years ago. And it’s still going up. Converted shipping containers, transformed into mobile homes, sell for as much as $1 million. And truck drivers in the mining areas earn more than $100,000 a year.

How long can this go on? We don’t know. But our advice to our colleague was simple enough:


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