Homeless Former Executive Lands Job as CEO

In yet another sign that the economy is recovering, Jim Kennedy, one homeless, unemployed former executive has landed a job as the CEO of an Internet firm which makes a web-search app for geographically – targeted advertisements. The co. read one of the many articles about him and decided to hire him. – CNBC

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1 Comment on Homeless Former Executive Lands Job as CEO

  1. I would like to congratulate CEO Jim Kennedy for showing courage, creativity, endurance and dilligence during hardship. These qualities are mostly associated to War college alumni with the Lt General rank. Also, I will not forget his recruiter who did not under-value his balance score card based on pre-conceived notions. With this excellent networking and creativity, he will sell his new company better froim the CEO suite.
    As his peer, I wish him luck in his new challenge
    Arthur Mboue, MBA, JD

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