Dubai to Build Planet’s Largest LED Screen

Dubai LED ScreenWell, guess what – Dubai, UAE has done it again, and interestingly enough there is no surprise there. When one speaks of this city, the name is definitely synonymous with such terms as “Largest” “Biggest”, and “Tallest”. First they build Burj al Arab world’s tallest hotel – a billowing, sail-shaped structure soaring 322 meters above the Arabian Gulf, on a tiny man-made sea island. Then came Dubai Tower, a 164 stories skyscraper under construction which is the tallest man-made structure ever built, nearing completion. Now UAE development company Tameer Holding, according to gulfnews – has started to work on a project to develop — get this — the planet’s most humongous LED screen and of course a world first, boasting a 33-storey high LED media facade that will be visible from a distance of 1.5 km.

This will be the world’s largest LED screen and will be embedded on an intended commercial tower in the Majan district of Dubailand.

According to the development co., the design of the giant LED screen, along with the technology utilised in its construction, will not impede the flow of natural light into the building, allowing for the offices directly behind the massive screen to have the same open feel as those on the opposite side of the building.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information yet in terms of how many LED’s are there, what the resolution is and how much it will cost. We have contacted Tameer and will update this post if more info becomes available.

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