Hundreds to Be Arrested in SEC Insider Trading Probe : Gasparino

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports “there is a possibility of 300 potential targets” in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) insider trading probe, which could classify this investigation as “the largest white collar criminal case ever.”

Here are the key highlights from the report, courtesy of Fox Business Network:

On the SEC insider trading probe:
“Sources close to the investigation are talking about hundreds of potential targets involved in this probe. One source told me there is a possibility of 300 potential targets. What we are talking about is possibly the largest white collar criminal case ever. The FBI so far has no comment on our reporting. I said on Friday there would be another round of arrests and we got an arrest today from one of those expert networks, but the real interesting story here is not just this arrest, but what’s going to come in the future. They have not gone after the hedge funds yet. That is clearly the next shoe to drop.”

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