WikiLeaks Founder Predicts Resignations At Big US Bank

In an interview with the British newspaper The Times, Julian Assange has confirmed that WikiLeaks is holding a vast cache of documents from a major US bank. Reports on the interview quote Assange as saying that there will likely be resignations once the information is released. – NetNet

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2 Comments on WikiLeaks Founder Predicts Resignations At Big US Bank

  1. Too big to jail – You betcha!

    The corruption in this country as as bad as any 3rd world country. The US Congress are owned and operated by the ZioNazi’s and the corporations have whats left.

    Today, there are more people ‘pulling’ for the Taliabn than ever before and AmeriKKKa’s genocidal policies and destruction of innocent people in Af/Pak and Gaza/lebanon is enough to make any decent human being living in thie wartime ( Germany) want to poke white hot steel bars into the animals inside the Whitehouse and pentagon

    Yassar AmeriKKKa, you are on your last lap – Go to hell and take your Jewish hemmoroid with you!

    Tombstone, AZ.

  2. It is unfortunate that America is still in a financial crisis, but the American people voted for the wrong people. The American people had an opportunity to vote for a person of integrity and that person is Congressman Ron Paul. When he ran for President in 2008, the American people chose to vote for other people. In 2010, all the wrong people both in the Republican and Democratic Party, for the most part, were either returned to the Senate or the House and now America is going to endure even more financial problems in the future. As for the new members of the House, they will eventually fall into line and do as they are told. When the final chapter is written regarding America financial decline, the American people will have no one to blame but themselves. Remember, this financial crisis was conceived, plan, and executed according to the Zionist plan for a New World Order with one currency, which they will control for all of us. That is the future we have to look forward to in a few years according to their plan.

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