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Yahoo BuzzWell, as a blogger you have to be reasonably exited about the following news. Yahoo!Buzz, a Digg-like service that launched in Feb of this year – starting tonight will finally open up its doors to everyone. Every content producer can now submit their stories to Buzz as the invitation requirement is gone. The service which is a direct competitor to Digg – promotes the most buzzed news stories by users through a user interface that allows editorial control.

Until now this social media experiment was beneficial only to a restrictive number of invited publishers – where more than 100 major news sites placed Yahoo “Buzz Up” buttons next to their articles and other content. The system would function in a way – that once the story would get posted – those with the highest scores would be linked from Yahoo home page ; giving almost instantly the few selected blogs or news sources mega bumps in both traffic and comments.

In fact, top Buzz stories linked from the Yahoo home page would generate a formidable traffic, literally dropping half million or more users at the flip of a switch. No surprise there though, Yahoo is known to have the audience and its ability as a fine aggregator – has always been recognized.

Yahoo hopes to become a game changer for Social Media. The average amount of time spent on Yahoo Buzz per visit continues to be much higher than that of either Reddit or Digg.

Content producers can submit their stories here.

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