John Paulson’s Fund Suffers $2 Billion In Redemptions At The End Of June

Absolute Return + Alpha reports that John Paulson’s $33 billion hedge fund Paulson & Co. was hit with $2 billion in redemptions at the end of June, bringing his assets under management to $30.9 billion.

The latest investor outflow data shows investor skepticism about Paulson’s weak gold portfolio performance, his bet on inflation, and the devaluation of the US dollar. Another source of concern is also the ongoing ABACUS/Goldman Sachs (GS) saga and the possibility of Paulson’s fund becoming embroiled in the SEC charges against Wall Street’s most powerful firm.

Paulson gained fame in 2007, a year during which he raked in $20 billion by betting against financials and all things subprime.

h/t businessinsider

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