Space Entrepreneur Believes That Aliens Are Real And Are Living Right Under Our Noses

He claims we’ve been visited by extra-terrestrials before and if we want to find other intelligent forms of life, we don't need to travel into the deep realms of space.

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Robert Bigelow made his fortune with a low-budget chain of rental apartments called ‘Budget Suites of America’ before shifting his focus to space engineering. Since then, he has been working with NASA (through his company Bigelow Aerospace) to design and develop expandable inflatable spacecrafts – some already being used by astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), and others which can potentially be used for future space habitats.

Ironically, even-though increasing his wealth highly depends on successful space exploratory ventures, he is one of the first to say that if we want to find alien life, we shouldn’t look further than planet Earth…implying “they” are already here.

Bigelow firmly believes that we have been visited by aliens before. In fact, his grandparents even had a personal encounter with such extra-terrestrial [ET] beings.

As the story went, his grandparents were driving through the Nevada desert when the encounter happened. He said (of the U.F.O. that his grandparents saw):  “It really sped up and came right into their face and filled the entire windshield of the car. Then it took off at a right angle and shot into the distance.”

The Las Vegas real-estate tycoon, who is 73, claims he personally has had ‘close encounters’ with aliens, but unlike his grandparents’ story, he doesn’t want to reveal details of those encounters.

What’s really intriguing with Bigelow’s stories is that they are not your typical flying saucer caught on camera type news. Bigelow says aliens are on planet earth and are living among us, ‘right under our noses’. It kind of makes you think about the storyline of the movie ‘Men In Black’, doesn’t it? Or maybe even ‘Transformers’? Of course, both movies depict aliens differently — with one movie portraying them as life forms mimicking that of humans and the other taking on the form of machines that transform into alien robots. What’s really curious, though, is that in both cases (and in every other UFO movie for that matter), aliens are always regarded as having ultra-advanced technology, which makes you kinda wonder why it’s always like that? Does Hollywood know something we don’t?

But getting back to Bigelow, he made his views known through a recent interview with “60 Minutes”. As he told reporter Lara Logan, he is ‘absolutely convinced that aliens exist’. Even if other people believe otherwise, he says he doesn’t really care because it won’t make a difference and wouldn’t change the reality of what he knows. When asked if he believes that UFOs have come to Earth, his answer was that ‘There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence [here on Earth]’.

To be clear, Bigelow isn’t the first well-known personality to publicly claim that ‘we aren’t alone in the universe’. There’s Winston Churchill who wrote an essay about the existence of alien life. There’s also Hillary Clinton, film director Ridley Scott (of the ‘Alien’ movie franchise), and renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking. There may be many others too. And while they might not be as vocal as Bigelow, we’re pretty sure that along with all other alien conspiracy theorists out there, they’re all probably nodding excitedly at Bigelow’s declaration.

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  1. With today’s technology, a galaxy wide civilization would be obvious to all. There aren’t any aliens; they’ve all uploaded and sublimed off their planets. Our turn is near.

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