This Apple (AAPL) Health-Focused Wearable Could Transform the Healthcare Industry

Apple could offer a health-focused wearable that could transform the healthcare industry.

Apple AAPL watch

With technology rapidly taking the world by storm, it’s no surprise that one day people will be able to diagnose certain illnesses with the help of a gadget. Apple’s HealthKit is a great contribution to the modern world since health is one of the primary focus of today’s global concerns.

Just recently, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced their plans on evolving its HealthKit tracker into a well-developed diagnostic tool that effectively interprets health and fitness data from various apps in order to give its users helpful medical advice.

The current features of the HealthKit involve the ability of users to give multiple apps the permission to become a valuable health data source. This feature works both in iOS and watchOS, creating more integrated user experience. The Apple Watch currently has a built-in heart rate sensor, but after the new system is established, it can allow the users to measure more sophisticated fitness levels rather than just measure and track heart rate.

The ongoing health care evolution is essential in improving healthcare services around the world as it allows its users as well as medical experts to securely share and transfer data between various medical establishments for a faster, more accurate and more efficient diagnosis.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is on the move to offer a health-focused wearable that positively affects the worldwide healthcare industry. They have recruited a team of like-minded individuals, particularly health care experts to build a digital record system that can analyze data for both patients and doctors. They communicate with large institutions from time to time to develop tools that are medically correct.

Meanwhile, to bolster Apple’s plans on improving HealthKit and widen its presence in the health industry, they purchased Gliimpse, Inc. earlier this year for an undisclosed amount. The health startup has built a software which gathers health data from different databases and in different formats to store in one place, creating personalized and shareable medical records. The company’s aim is to create a digital archive with a person’s personal identifiable medical information, and one that both they and their doctors can easily access. One of its interesting features is that users can have full control over who can access and how long the information can be available for viewing. You can also have the option to Donate Your Data (DYD) which can help find cures for rare diseases worldwide.

As of this writing, the Gliimpse site is still up. At some point in the future, Apple might absorb the startup into one of its division as part of their mission towards providing better healthcare services globally.

That said however, with all of the rumors, news and information circulating on the web, Apple has yet to give a clear indication in terms of a vision regarding its healthcare-segment plans. According to a company spokesperson, the tech giant buys smaller tech companies every now and then to help the advancement of its ongoing projects.

While Apple won’t outright confirm anything, there is no certainty as to when the improvements on HealthKit will be introduced.

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