NJ Assembly Overwhelmingly Approves Tesla (TSLA) Direct Sales

Jersey’s state Assembly has passed a bill that will allow Tesla (TSLA) to resume selling its electric cars in the state, reports The Star-Ledger.

Tesla was banned from selling its popular electric cars directly to the public in the state on April 1. Before the ban went into effect Tesla had two stores in the state where people could buy cars.

The bill, which went through the Assembly with a 77-0 vote count, will allow Tesla or any other company that sells zero-emission vehicles directly to consumers, to open four stores in the state, doubling its current two showrooms.

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s VP for business development, called the Assembly’s vote “an overwhelming message of support for consumer freedom of choice.”

Tesla shares are up more than $7 today, trading at $232 as of 10:52AM EDT.

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