Tesla (TSLA) Could Soon Resume Sales in New Jersey

Tesla (TSLA) can now once again sell cars in New Jersey after the state’s Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee unanimously approved a bill this week that will allow the electric car maker to start selling cars directly to consumers through their two existing NJ dealerships. The bill, which had strong support from the Garden State’s environmental community, also gives Elon Musk’s company permission to open up to two more sales outlets.

The move comes about three months after Governor Chris Christie’s administration backed by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission enacted a rule that effectively blocked Tesla from using its unique retail concept of selling its EVs through its stores rather than use the traditional dealer model.

Tesla was banned from selling its popular electric cars directly to consumers in the state on April 1. Before the ban went into effect in New Jersey, which had become the third state to halt the direct-sales model, following Arizona and Texas, Tesla had two stores in the state where people could buy cars.

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