Apple (AAPL) CEO Hints at Wearable Devices

During a wide-ranging interview at the All Things Digital conference, an annual gathering of tech and media execs in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Apple (AAPL)’s Chief Executive Tim Cook defended the company’s record as a tech trend-setter under his two year stewardship, saying Apple will continue to innovate, and has more game-changing products ahead. He also hinted that wearable computers could be among them.

“It’s an area where it’s ripe for exploration,” Cook said on Tuesday to Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg onstage at the D11.

“It’s ripe for us all getting excited about. I think there will be tons of companies playing in this.”

When asked if Apple still had more game-changing technology in the works.

Cook replied: “We have several more game changers in us.”

He added that Apple has “some incredible plans” it’s been working on for years, and suggested we are going to start seeing them manifest themselves soon.

“Many people now say that innovation means a new category,” Cook said. “Yes, we are still a company that is going to do that…We have some incredible plans that we have been working on for a while.”

Cook also pointed out the fact that the culture that built the iPhone remains at Apple, even if some of the people that built the iPhone are no longer there.

On the declining Apple shares, which ended Nasdaq’s trading session Tuesday at $441.44, about 37% below a Sept. all time high of $705.07, Cook commented that the company’s stock price has been disappointing.

“The stock price has been frustrating ; it’s been frustrating for investors and all of us,” he said.

Here is Cook’s full D11 interview:

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