Apple (AAPL)’s iMac Shipping Times Improve To 1-3 Days

Shipping estimates for Apple (AAPL)’s latest 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models significantly improved on Saturday, with both configurations now showing dispatch estimates of 1 to 3 business days.

Since debuting in extremely limited supply in late 2012, Apple’s new iMacs were quoted as having a shipping time of 2-3 weeks for the 21.5-inch model and 3-4 weeks for the larger 27-inch profile. Today, Apple’s online store said it would take 1 to 3 days — the shortest wait period since the devices launched — for the new iMacs to ship to anybody who purchased one.

Apple’s redesigned iMacs models have been in high demand since their unveiling. However, issues related to a unique screen lamination process utilized in the design of the product has caused mass production issues.

Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned during the company’s last earnings call that iMac supply constraints in Q4 had impacted sales results. He expected supplies to increase during Q1’13, which was confirmed in late January with a report saying that Apple’s Taiwanese component suppliers have improved the assembling conformity rate for the new iMacs, with mass production of the thinner desktops said to have begun in December of 2012. The report also noted that sales of the device may be boosted in Q1 2013.

h/t Macrumors

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