The Dumbest Words In New Media

How many times have we heard someone talk about the future of media and they immediately use their child as an example of what we all will experience in the future.

“My daughter will only use a touch screen.” ” My son doesn’t know the difference between the tv and his itouch. He just wants video where and when he wants it.” “My child is addicted to netflix” (NASDAQ:NFLX). “My child is….” fill in the blank with a reason why we all should believe the future is what an infant/pre-teen/tween is experiencing and enjoys.

I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Think about your own childhood. Do you still use ANY of the same devices? Still have that casette player? Still burning those CDs? That walkman that wowed your parents, still wowing anyone? You still carrying your boom box on your shoulder like Radio Raheem?

Of course not.

If you think that the tech your young kids are using today are any reflection on what will be used in the future, even in the near future, you are mistaken. It’s also short changing the intellect of every kid 18 and under. You don’t think they can come up with something better?

That’s not to say that watching our kids use technology that didn’t exist when we were kids isn’t adorable. It is. And of course each of our kids is smarter and more aware of the future than any other kid in the world. Obviously.

The reality is that we do not live in the world we were born into. Things change.

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