Nasdaq Chief Feeling ‘Incredible Shareholder Pressure’ to Take Action Following the NYSE-Deutsche Börse Merger: Report

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that NASDAQ  Chief Bob Greifeld is feeling “incredible shareholder pressure” to do something about the merger of the New York Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse, including explore a hostile bid for the NYSE.

Excerpts from the report ; courtesy of Fox Business Network

On why NASDAQ is considering this hostile takeover of the NYSE:
“Sources tell FOX Business Network NASDAQ Chief Bob Greifeld feels incredible shareholder pressure to do something including to explore this hostile bid for the New York Stock Exchange as it announces a merger with the Deutchse Boerse. Greifeld is coming to grips with NASDAQ’s competitive disadvantage following this merger. NASDAQ is still talking to the Intercontinental Exchange about doing a joint bid for the New York Stock Exchange but they are once again talking to the CME. They are also looking at merging with any of those as a prelude to doing a joint bid for the New York Stock Exchange.”

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