Assange Suggests Bank Documents May Be A Huge Flop

According to a Reuters Exclusive report, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is admitting that he doesn’t have a clue whether the internal documents and data he has on Bank of America (BAC) contain any big news or scandal.

The material is apparently not “self-explanatory” and according to people familiar with the WikiLeaks leader’s private discussions about the documents, he himself seems unable to make much sense of them. Assange said in an interview with Computerworld magazine in Oct. 9, 2009, that his organization was in possession of 5 gigabyte data from one of the hard drives of a Bank of America executive. More recently, he suggested that WikiLeaks is preparing to disclose evidence of an “ecosystem of corruption” at a big US bank.

Reuters also said that Assange’s private characterizations of the BofA material as being dated and difficult to interpret “contrasts with inflammatory public statements he has made touting the significance of bank-related materials WikiLeaks has been planning to publish.”

The contradiction may provide fresh ammunition to Assange’s opponents who have accused him of hyping and promoting conspiracy theories for personal gain.

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  1. I think you are reading too much into his statements, and making assumptions. There is a hell of a lot of data there, and if the source is correct there is liable to be something important.

    BTW, all the Wikileaks videos are on this hub:

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