Rosenberg Says A U.S. Double Dip Recession ‘Virtually Certain’

The U.S. economy is almost certainly headed back into a double dip recession, economist David Rosenberg told CNBC.

“The risks of a double-dip recession, if we ever got out of the first one, are actually a lot higher than people are talking about right now,” Rosenberg said. “I think that it’s almost a foregone conclusion, a virtual certainty.”

In a research note to investors on Friday, Goldman Sachs (GS) analysts raised the chance of a double-dip happening to 25-30%. [via SFGate]”As signs of slower U.S. growth have multiplied, market participants have become worried about the possibility of a double-dip recession,” wrote analysts including Ed McKelvey, Goldman Sachs’s senior U.S. economist. “We think the probability is unusually high — between 25 percent and 30 percent — but we do not see double dip as the base case.”

Here is more on what’s next for the economy:

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