Will You Accept Immortality in a Metal Suit?

Immortality may no longer be a dream given the way technology is advancing, but at what price?

Robot - Cyborg

Today’s advances in science and technology are happening at a breakneck speed.

Genes can now be more accurately edited and modified with Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) technology. It may soon help mankind in curing HIV/AIDS, different types of cancer, and genetic disorders.

Aging can now also be slowed down with stem cells infusion, NAD+ booster pills, and other latest discoveries.

How about immortality?

An organization founded by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov thinks that’s also achievable.

The 2045 Movement, which was established in February 2011, has the support of Russian specialists in the field of robotics, neural interfaces, artificial organs and systems.

According to their website, their team is endeavoring to put up an international research center where work will be devoted in anthropomorphic robotics, living systems modeling, and brain and consciousness modeling. The knowledge will then enable man to transfer one’s consciousness to an artificial carrier or avatar and attain cybernetic immortality.

The organization thinks it’s the answer to the world’s current problems and our vulnerabilities as a human species.

Here’s their timeline for envisioned “Avatars” that can make man live forever:

  • 2015-2020. Android avatars are available at affordable prices and widely-used by societies around the globe. The said avatar is controlled by a brain computer interface. If you have watched the movie, Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, that’s a similar idea to what the organization envisions. Further, there will be a number of new features to be added. You’ll be able to work in hazardous conditions, conduct rescues, and travel to places where the “brave dare not go.” Disable people will also benefit from avatar components which can serve as prosthetic limbs, etc.
  • 2020-2025. An autonomous life-support system is produced, linking the brain to a robotic avatar. When your body is too old or has been seriously damaged, you can still resume life as a robot.
  • 2030-2035. This marks the development of a computer model of the brain and consciousness in order to find a way to transplant consciousness onto an artificial carrier. The movement thinks that it will be very advantageous since human capabilities will get expanded, people will restore or change their brain as many times as they’d like. All these advances will bring man closer to cybernetic mortality.
  • 2045. Purely robotic body, no more flesh and blood. Man will become a new specie.

Will it be an exciting life, to be a robotic specie?

If you think about the movie Transformers, you may feel a degree of excitement as you imagine yourself almost like Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, or whoever your favorite character is.

They have intelligence and feelings, and almost indestructible bodies.

It’s almost tempting to think, isn’t it?

But, if you think more deeply, what you’ve come to love about the Transformers was not their almost indestructible bodies but their sense of humanity — the ability to love, to be loyal, and to show gratitude.

They felt compassion for those who were weaker. They fought because they were needed.

When every single one of us becomes strong, powerful, indestructible and independent to the point of not needing anyone other than a robotic doctor to occasionally fix or update our robotic bodies — will we really reach the point where we’ll loose the ability to love, to feel compassion, to feel happiness because we’re needed? Considering all these elements the next question would be: Will you accept immortality in a metal suit?

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  1. The irony is, through quantum mechanics, God has already rendered us immortal, and intends to transfer our consciousness to vastly superior bodies that are akin to the Christs, upon our deaths.

    This is why He doesn’t bat an eyelash to our “deaths”. He already has a consciousness transfer system via QM. Youtube “Double Slit Experiment”.

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