iPhone 8: How Apple’s Next Big Thing Will Look Like (AAPL)

Cupertino may launch up to three iPhone 8 models in 2017, and all three may feature glass backs.

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Three new iPhone models are set for release next year. With the growing anticipation, many are speculating about the hardware and specs of Apple’s newest phone units.

According to Japanese publication Asian Nikkei, it looks like the upcoming iPhone 8 range will come with glass backs which will likely be supplied by Chinese company Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology.

Additionally, another source mentioned that Apple is planning to have its three iPhone 8 models,  the 5.5-inch, 5-inch, and 4.7-inch, each feature a glass back. This will be a totally new concept when compared with iPhone’s usual metal casing.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to reveal its latest iPhone model as part of their 10th year celebration in 2017. However, it is also possible for Cupertino to have a change of plans just like what they did for their iPhone 7 handsets which was also initially rumored to come in three models, but the concept obviously never materialized.

This new game plan is likely Apple’s move to woo customers after being criticized that the iPhone 7s were too similar to the previous model and disappointingly lacking in new features.

Now, although Apple has heavily relied on Foxconn Technology Group for their metal casings, it is unlikely that the Taiwanese company will receive orders from the tech titan, simply because Biel has the edge when it comes to mass producing glass backs. That said, Foxconn has also been working on glass backs, but Biel is reportedly ahead with its technology.

It is unclear how Foxconn’s revenue will be affected if indeed Apple’s newly rumored design materializes.

Meanwhile, Macworld website reported that the iPhone 8 models would have “significant innovations” including specs and camera improvements. Other rumors suggest that the next model will be a “clear piece of glass” with an advanced OLED screen. It might also have a next-generation 3D sensor from Primesense.

With 2017 being the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Credit Suisse’s Kulbinder Garcha said he is confident that the iPhone 8’s performance will give the company around 250 million units sale by 2018. This number is comparably higher than their predicted 217 million sales for 2017.

However, it should be noted that iPhone 8 might face steep competition from Google’s newly launched and quite successful Pixel line. Google’s latest flagship is making headlines and driving curiosity in the market. Those who were disappointed by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 flop are predicted to sway in Google’s direction since it bears the same Android components.

In the end, it will be the battle of smartphones in terms of which model has better innovative features and can satisfy more customer’s needs.

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