Microsoft (MSFT) to Unveil Windows 9 On September 30, Report

According to a Thursday report from “The Verge” that references sources familiar with the company, Microsoft (MSFT) is planning to unveil its Windows 9 operating system in a press event on September 30th.

The event is expected to showcase several upgrades to the user interface, says the report, and may even include an early version of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. Last week, ZDNet reported that the upcoming Windows 9 release is codenamed ‘Threshold’ and that Microsoft, who has been sharing early builds of its new OS to close OEMs and partners, is planning to deliver a “Windows 9/Threshold technology preview” by late September or early October.

The Verge said the existing internal versions of ‘Threshold’ include a new mini Start Menu, “Metro-style” apps that float in separate windows on the desktop, a virtual desktops feature and the removal of the Charms bar feature. The expectation is that we will see Windows 9 as a stable release to the general public sometime in early 2015.

The new Windows OS would be the first launch under Satya Nadella, who took the helm of the software giant earlier this year.

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