Apple (AAPL) to Debut iTunes 11 to the World Today, November 29

The Wall Street Journal reports in a profile of Apple’s senior VP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, that Apple (AAPL)’s new iTunes 11 app will debut today (Thursday, Nov. 29). The report further claims that the new version of Apple’s popular media player and media library application was delayed a month due to engineering issues.

“This week, Mr. Cue faces a test of how well Apple can keep up in online services with the launch of a new desktop version of iTunes, which is expected as soon as Thursday. The new iTunes has been delayed a month by engineering issues that required parts to be rebuilt, according to people who have seen it.”

Apple had previously said that it would ship iTunes 11 at the end of October, but unknown issues caused the launch to be pushed back to sometime in November.

The new app is expected to feature a completely redesigned player in addition to enhanced iCloud media content synchronization. You can read all about the new iTunes on Apple’s website.

Video of Apple’s iTunes 11 demo (via AppleSpotlight)

The Journal’s profile of Apple iCloud guru Eddy Cue, a 23-year company veteran, details the executive’s rise in the company since the death of Steve Jobs, and his role as “Mr. Fix-It” at Apple.

iTunes business generated $2.1 billion in Apple’s most recent quarter, or 5.8% of overall revenue.

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  1. Am quite weary of iTunes now, apple is quite too late.
    My iTunes 10.7 is a huge mess, on both my pc n Mac. Never had iTunes be so bad on my Mac too. I really am keen to have this thing fixed

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