Yahoo Launches AppSpot Mobile for Iphone and Android

Yahoo (YHOO) on Thursday launched an app that uses Yahoo search technology to help people search for apps on Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and Google’s (GOOG) Android.

“Today, Yahoo! Mobile is introducing a fun, fast way to search and discover mobile apps. Yahoo! AppSpot, a new mobile application, works like a flashlight in the darkness of more than 425,000-plus apps in the Apple App Store and 200,000 apps in Android Market,” wrote Anil Panguluri, Yahoo Product Director of Mobile Search, in a blog post. “Yahoo AppSpot offers a new way to take the guesswork out of finding relevant and interesting apps for mobile users.”

So how does AppSpot, which also locates matching app titles based on what users have already downloaded, differ from the other top apps you can already find in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market?

According to Yahoo, “Unlike ‘Top Apps’ lists that provide the same apps day after day, you’ll get new, personalized app suggestions on a daily basis, so you’re always introduced to the latest, most interesting, and relevant apps.”

The app also comes in a computer-based version.

For more check out Yahoo’s video demonstration of AppSpot.

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