Web Browser RockMelt Teams Up With Facebook

Facebook and the RockMelt Web browser are partnering and plan to team up on various technical and product issues, according to The New York Times. RockMelt’s new internet browser, which is the latest attempt at developing a social media browser, improves access to Facebook chat and shows Facebook friend requests and other notifications, the newspaper said.

[From the Times]:  “In the first installment of the partnership, RockMelt is releasing a new version of its browser. It makes it easier for users to customize the look of their window, improves access to Facebook chat and shows friend requests and notifications directly on the browser. The new features involved some work from Facebook’s side too; when users visit their Facebook pages from a RockMelt browser, Facebook will not show notifications or chat activity because those are already built into the browser.

“We give people a way to share and communicate with their friends wherever they are,” Eric Vishria, RockMelt’s chief executive said in an interview Monday. “Over time, you will see a lot of product innovation come out of the partnership with Facebook.”

RockMelt, which has received one million downloads and has hundreds of thousands of active users, is built on Chromium, the open-source platform behind Google (GOOG) Chrome.

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