This Just In: Congress Betrays Us – AGAIN

Well its official–Congress and Barry the Wannabe Conqueror have reached a deal to prevent a government shutdown. Naturally, both sides are trying to take credit for the “historic budget cuts” implemented to keep our bloated government running. To anyone with a shred of independent thought, this whole saga has been nothing more than a kind of artificial hype-porn on the part of the mainstream media and the ruling elite. They tried—-and succeeded in creating a sense of fear that the government was actually going to shutdown. Widows were not going to get their Social Security checks, military families were going to starve, and the IRS would not be able to audit honest Americans. The media even had the countdown clock which was a blatant attempt to create some sort of drama regarding the event. Why was the purpose of the hype? To fool the dumbed-down and mentally challenged American public, of course.

The mainstream media narrative is surprisingly simple. The White House and Congress worked together to cut spending and save the government from a shutdown. This action saved the economy and restored the country to fiscal health. This is a flagrant lie, pure and simple. Last night’s deal, which cut $39 billion from the budget will do nothing to save the country from its financial problems. A few facts to make my point. The US debt is $14.271 TRILLION, and this year’s budget deficit is estimated at $1.5 TRILLION. The idea that $39 billion in sufficient is truly laughable. Pardon me if I do not laugh since the fate of the country is at stake!

The real disappointment lies with the Republicans led by House Speaker John “Cry Baby” Boehner. Not that this is any real surprise considering his past actions (he supported the Medicare Prescription plan, huge deficit spending under President George “The Fool” Bush, government takeover of education, and the illegal war in Iraq). Boehner showed his eagerness to sell out the American public by abandoning his pledge to cut $100 billion from the budget, which in itself is a minuscule amount compared to a $3 trillion budget. After this betrayal, Boehner needs to be forced to resign in disgrace. Pieces of filth like this have no place in Congress. I hope someone tries to run against him in the Republican primary in 2012.

So how is the US going to keep running $1.5 trillion deficits? It is simple: “We” will print money. This is the way both Republicans and Democrats are going to steal your wealth and reduce your standard of living. And best of all, it do not even require a vote. All it takes is for the Federal Reserve to (electronically) print US dollars and purchase US debt. Then, the Fed refunds all profits from interest payments back to the Treasury ($78 billion in 2010). The government makes money while it is destroying the value of the dollar. The best thing about this plan is that the American sheep do not understand what is occurring. When oil is at $125 and they are paying $4 a gallon for gas, the mainstream media will tell you it is due to “Middle East tension” and “speculators.” Wash.Rinse.Repeat. The foolish American public will buy this argument every time, without the slightest suspicion that it is because the government is printing money and debasing the dollar. In fact, if you tell people that the reason energy and food prices are rising because of the government printing money–they will call you a nut! As the old saying goes “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.” Well, right now the American public are the fools, and there is little point in talking sense to them. After all, American Idol is on at 8pm!

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