Housing Starts Jump in January

Housing starts jumped 14.6% to a SAAR of 596,000 units, the highest rate since September, Commerce Department figures showed today in Washington. Decembers starts were revised down to a 520,000-unit pace from the previously reported rate of 530,000 units.

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1 Comment on Housing Starts Jump in January

  1. Ok housing starts jumped. No one even the people that collect shopping carts at the grocery store believe this one. 20% down to buy a house now. No wait assistance programs. These goofy jokers make things up on the fly. I finally figured it out.

    These BS’rs that write and comment. You have watched them it’s not your confusion. It’s their ability apparently just to make up things as they go along.

    3.5 percent rise in retail sales. OK DOES THAT INCLUDE CONVIENCE STORES? Someone with common sense might sit down and say to themselves. Well if that is for a certain month. They report it every month. I guess all the retail stores call in their figures somewhere. Maybe they all call Dallas or Minneapoulis or something? I don’t know about you but I myself got tired of being called a gullible stupid idiot. By a bunch of sociopathic liars. After all you have to be a sociopath to broadcast. You should know this.

    Now pay close attention. People are so upset and mad now. They are writting into things like CNN money and Marketwatch. They are starting to spill their guts out about all the lies and stupidty they see on a daily basis in regards to the market. Like oh the stuck on stupid stockmarket things like that.

    So what happens? You can’t comment on Marketwatch and CNN money anymore. Seems like to much truth was coming out. And well the pysco’s. That lie on a daily basis don’t seem to like the competition.

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