20 Riddles of the Sphinx

TMM are finding themselves scratching their heads and suddenly bereft of ideas. It’s been a turbulent week or so if you’ve been a North African dictator, a Scottish Tennis player or a Short Sterling Long or Short. So while we collect our thoughts, we thought it was time for Twenty Riddles of the Sphinx.

  1. Which trades first in SPX? 1350 or 1250?
  2. Will contagion from Tunisia and Egypt spread to Saudi Arabia or Iran?
  3. Will Brent Crude stay about $100 for long?
  4. Is the Gold correction over?
  5. Will EM central banks’ reluctance to hike rates result in an EM panic?
  6. Will the Bank of England hike in February, or has Q4’s GDP shocker scared them off?
  7. Were the shenanigans in Euro money markets a “one off”, and will normal operations resume in the next reserve period?
  8. Is the European peripheral bond market capable of standing on its own two feet now that the ECB isn’t buying anymore?
  9. Who will hike first? The ECB or the BoE?
  10. How long will it be before Goldman Sachs get the blame for the North African & Middle Eastern social unrest as a result of its financial entanglement with Facebook?
  11. Will Uncle Axel get the job?
  12. Which trades first in EURUSD? 1.43 or 1.33?
  13. Will Merv re-base his pension to CPI when the RPI-CPI basis goes negative?
  14. Will the Fed complete QE2?
  15. Will the AUD parity party last more than a few days this time?
  16. When will S&P downgrade Moody’s?
  17. Is Spain’s Caja plan enough?
  18. Will anything ever happen in the Swiss front end?
  19. When will risk assets have a more meaningful correction?
  20. What particular variety of constitutional crisis awaits the new Irish government?

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