Reparation Day

Spain and Italy done and dusted for this round and however much you feel it’s a fix or manipulation, the results are OK. Also the idea of an expanded EFSF with a greater mandate is picking up steam as a potential panacea for the current European funding problems and headlines such as “*S&P’S SIX SAYS INCREASING EURO FUND IS LIMITED RISK FOR CORE” appear to be on the increase. Peripheral spreads have collapsed and we have seen the start of a healthy Euro FX rebound, but judging by the market chat we are picking up, everyone still appears to be fighting it and waving their bearish factors fervently. More of a short squeeze is certainly on the cards and our trusty old mibometer is backing that view.

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Now, whilst we are all focused on auctions, the ECB announcements and EFSF headlines it is actually these headlines pricked our interest:


TMM have begun to wonder where this is leading? Is this an alternative to the EFSF rescue package? How convenient it would be if Germany just happened to settle €80 billion in “war reparations” (ahem) to Greece. As such TMM look forward to the following headlines:

For Spain

  • Germany agrees to pay Spain €300bio in reparations for their involvement in the Spanish Civil War and for persistently commandeering all the sun-loungers
  • France to pay Spain €194 bio in reparations for the damage Napoleon did during the Peninsular War
  • China to pay €6bio in “reparations” to Spain for all the Chinese restaurants in Malaga taking UK tourist income from local Spanish establishments
    Not quite reparations but equally backdoor:
  • France agrees to buy Spanish air traffic control for €100bio to create Europe’s largest no-fly zone

For Italy

  • Germany agrees to pay Italy €500bio in reparations for the Varian Disaster in the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD
  • France agrees to pay Italy €300bio in reparations for Charles VIII of France’s invasion of Italy in 1494 AD
  • Holland agrees to pay Italy €200bio in reparations for soundly beating them 3-0 in the opening match of Euro 2008

For Portugal

  • Germany agrees to pay Portugal €50bio reparations for not taking them seriously in WWII
  • France agrees to pay Portugal €20bio in reparations for assisting Spain in stealing oranges in 1801
  • Finland to pay Portugal E10bio reparations for thinking it was part of Spain

For Ireland

  • Germany to pay backdated rent of €50bio for hire of submarine parking facilities
  • France to pay €10bio for constantly going on that Breton culture is actually Celtic
  • ECB continues to pay €30bio for their involvement in getting them all into this mess in the first place and allowing them anywhere near the Euro

For Belgium

  • The rest of Europe agrees to pay €100bio for using their country as a rugby pitch in every World War

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