DANG Trading 5 percent Down

Recent Chinese IPO E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (DANG), the largest book retailer in China, continues to get hit during Thursday’s trading session. The stock is currently down $1.40, or 5.19%, to $25.60. Today’s trading range for shares of Dangdang Inc has been between $25.01 and $27.45 per share.

DANG, promoted as the Amazon.com (AMZN) equivalent, last year raked in more than $217 million in revenues. So far (for the first 3 Qs) FY 2010 has shown tremendous growth with revenue hitting $324.8 million. This represents a 55.6% y/y gain.

The online retailer, which was founded in the 1999, has talked about a U.S. NYSE listing since 2006.

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