Gasparino: No One Wants Larry Summers’ Job

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino is reporting today that sources inside the business community claim top executives are being considered by the White House to replace Larry Summers, but they do not want the job.

Excerpt Below:  Courtesy of FOX Business Network

Gasparino: “Nobody really wants this job. Sources are telling me – these are CEO level sources – that all the names you have heard leaked, Anne Mulcahy, Dick Parsons from Citigroup, Jeff Immelt from GE. The bottom line is those are merely leaks by the Administration to show they are considering business people. They are having a really difficult time finding somebody to replace Summers. When we first reported this in March, Gibbs said it was a BS story. Here is what is interesting about this. It is now coming out that Gibbs told Obama early on he thought he was leaving. Major people in the business community don’t want this job. The names I hear are the bureaucrats that are already there – Gary Gensler, he’s someone whose name has come up. Diane Farrell. Those people are already there.”

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