Twenty Questions

Time for another edition of Macro Man’s favourite game, 20 Questions:

1) Why does AIG still exist in anything close to its current incarnation? Is it really, as the conspiracy theorists postulate, to remain on the other side of a huge number of Goldman trades?

2) Bank of England this week: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100, QE?

3) ECB this week: do they do anything but cut 50?

4) How much do you think Trichet likes being challenged by an ex-Fed guy from Cyprus?

5) China: seriously, have you got any ideas of how to wean yourself from your FX-reserve buying addiction?

6) America: seriously, have you got any ideas of how to wean yourself from your addiction of selling Treasuries to foreign central banks?

7) Will 10 year Treasuries break yield resistance at 3.05% this month? If so, how high do yields go?

Graph 1

8) Is this the year that Ireland’s golden generation finally wins the Six Nations and the Grand Slam?

9) Are there any material economic ways in which New Zealand is different from Eastern Europe?

10) How much will the EU eventually spend on propping up its weak sisters (Eastern Europe, Ireland, etc.)?

11) When did Bill Gross sell his intellectual soul to the devil and focus his investment model on media manipulation and inside information from the government?

12) Which USD/JPY level trades first: 85 or 110? (originally written as 100 by mistake)

13) Will the US household savings rate touch 10% this year (having printed 5% yesterday)?

14) Is oil forming a base?

Graph 2

15) Are there going to be mass demonstrations and violence in the UK this summer?

16) Who was the worst chief exec: Fred the Shred (RBS), Stan the Man (Merrill), Dancin’ Chuck (Citi), “Sugar” Cayne (Bear), or the Big Dick (Lehman)?

17) When will the S&P 500 trade at 1000 again?

18) Why was Jerome Kerviel the last piece of bad news to come from French banks?

19) Macro Man is going to end up getting the full knee reconstruction, isn’t he?

20) Is it wrong to feel happy that the recession has finally freed up quality tradesmen? The kitchen project chez Macro Man has been in the works for nine months….but the guys were able to start earlier than expected and have proven to be extremely efficient. Hurrah!

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