The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan – Update II

It takes a lot of time, but its been worth the effort. If anything, the response has reinforced two long held perspectives I have had about entrepreneurs and those who would like to be entrepreneurs. The first is that 95pct of people are dreamers who really don’t want to do the work. They would like to think they have the “next big thing”, but don’t realize that the “next big thing” that impacts their potential success is preparation and effort. Note to those who want me to consider their businesses in the future…READ THE ORIGINAL POST. It wont take a lot of time, but it at least gives me the impression that you have a clue.

The 2nd reinforced belief is that the American Dream is still alive and well, even in these tough economic times. There are still many, many of you that know that success can be defined in many ways, but that it’s earned through preparation, hard work, love of what you are doing and a thirst to be the absolute best at what you do. It’s not only refreshing, its exciting to learn more about some of the companies that have been presented.

The following are several of the companies that we are pursuing further and hope to close deals with. None are closed with checks written yet, but the paperwork is in process:

1) Naked Pizza – Simply the Worlds Healthiest Pizza. Based in New Orleans, it tastes good. They work their asses off. Try the pizza for yourself.

2) Wickler – Takes the ability to track patrons in venues, from bars to restaurants to concert venues to the next level. Their product is selling well and the funding will take them to the next level. A strong product with hopefully a unique future.

3) P5 Foods – They make an original food, Stuffed Chicken Wings. Its a unique product that tastes great and could provide an attractive upsell to specialty restaurants and for groceries.

4) Tycoon Online – Just as it appears, an online game that makes money from subscriptions. They have subscribers around the world and will use the investment to increase their marketing efforts.

There are quite a few others we are still evaluating and discussing with the entrepreneurs involved. Keep the opportunities coming. As you can see, if you are up and running, we can move quickly! If you have a businessplan, it might take longer, but I will take a look at it.

And one more thing, just to save all of us time. Some businesses I have decided not to pursue:

1. Real Estate. I realize that there are properties that can be bought cheap out there. So do many companies who specialize in doing just this.

2. Stock/Options/Futures Trading. Enough said.

3. Anything Illegal. Even if you think it shouldn’t be illegal.

4. Franchises. I don’t see the value in being just one more franchisee.

5. Restaurants. While there have been some very interesting concepts, it is too tough a business and there are better places to put capital right now.

Anything else? Im happy to review.

a) Full Circle Advisors – Not a blog deal but another one we are looking at. Offered him 100k for 15pct with an option to do another 100k for 15pct. Meeting with them this week to get a better idea of their business plans and how they plan on spending the money. Most of the money is going to go to manpower in order to get the word out. The only way to do this considering it is a sensitive subject is face to face. I do know they want to raise 160k total so will probably look to another investor. Will keep you posted on what I hear and see.

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Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, billionaire internet entrepreneur, and chairman and owner of the high definition television channel HDNet.

Mark made business history when at the age of 32 he sold his computer consulting firm MicroSolutions to corporate giant CompuServe and became fabulously wealthy overnight. Cuban later did the same with yet another enterprise, the live streaming Internet operation, and sold it to Yahoo! for a record breaking price that pushed his own net worth into the billions.

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  1. Mark –

    I posted an idea a while back and wanted to know some feedback. I will be happy to share with you my business plan. Essentially I am trying to open up a dance studio within the area that I currently live since the only option around me for anything of physical activity is our local YMCA. Is there an area that I may share with you my plan? I wouldn't require much of a start up and would have low over head involved as my instructors would be primarily part time in addition to myself teaching. Please let me know any feedback…positive or negative.

    Thank you for your time,

    Shannon Smiley

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