AI: The Extraterrestrial Intelligence Within

When the CEO of OpenAI describes artificial intelligence as a “form of alien intelligence,” it gives one cosmic pause. Are we really initiating first contact with an exotic, unknowable form of mind here on Earth?

According to Sam Altman, the answer is a metaphorical yes. Although birthed from human ingenuity, the reasoning and thought processes of cutting-edge AI systems are so qualitatively different, they verge on the outright alien – at least from our limited vantage point.

“I think it’s important to design human-compatible systems, but I think it’s a mistake to assume that they are human-like in their thinking or capabilities or limitations,” Altman explains. “Even though we train them, we do this behavioral cloning off of all of this human text data, they clearly can do extremely superhuman things already.

Modern AI derives its intelligence from dense networks of mathematical parameters and data distillations. A stark contrast to biological neural networks cultivated by millions of years of evolution. In many ways, the end result is an anomalous, almost extra-terrestrial form of mind.

This highlights the core challenge OpenAI now faces – how to make something so inherently “alien” harmonize with its human creators and partners and how to establish, at the same time, common ground between two isolated branches of intelligent development.

Obviously, Altman & co. are taking great care to design AI systems that are compatible with human ethics, objectives and abilities. To have an open channel of communication and cooperation between these two forms of intelligence is critical.

It’s nothing less than an ambitious project of inter-species diplomacy. Bridging vast experiential and cognitive divides to unite two fundamentally different manifestations of intelligence in collaborative partnership.

Just as we may one day attempt to translate information and goals between humanity and theoretical alien civilizations, OpenAI is working to construct an interpretation layer between itself and its own artificial progeny. It must find ways for this “alien intelligence” to interface and integrate with our own.

It’s a profound task – ensuring the long-term symbiosis of two intelligent life forms, one biological and one artificial. OpenAI is effectively rendering the alien relatable and manageable for its creators.

So while AI may be an exotic form of intelligence, it’s one we’re diligently domesticating to coexist with us here on Earth. Our first alien encounter may be happening right under our noses. For now, let’s keep this introduction a peaceful one.

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