Elon Musk : Twitter’s Acquisition an Accelerant to Creating a Mini-Internet Within a Single App

Ideas for Twitter's future may come from an unlikely source- WeChat, China's most popular social media platform. This is according to Elon Musk, who is looking into the matter.


Elon Musk is looking to WeChat, China’s dominant social media platform, for ideas in developing Twitter’s future. While he has provided some details about his “X” (a mini-internet within a single app) proposal, experts believe that achieving this vision will be difficult. But we’ve heard that before and Musk has continuously surpassed expectations.

On Tuesday afternoon, the founder of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SpaceX tweeted that his long-term goal for Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is to develop “X”. In his tweets, Musk revealed that acquiring the social networking service would aid the development of the new app.

“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,” Musk tweeted in his first public confirmation of the renewed Twitter proposal. He also said that his acquisition “probably accelerates X by 3 to 5 years, but I could be wrong.”

Musk has previously talked about creating an “X” app that would be as comprehensive as WeChat. The so-called “supper app” allows Chinese users access to a variety of services including booking restaurants, ordering taxis, peer-to-peer payments, food delivery, and car ordering.

During a town hall meeting with Twitter employees in June, Musk expressed his admiration for WeChat and other super apps like Grab in Singapore and Malaysia and Line in Japan. However, he specifically referred to the Chinese platform, which has ‘only’ 1.2 billion users, as “great.”

Musk said he wanted Twitter to follow in WeChat’s footsteps. “There’s no WeChat equivalent out of China,” Musk noted, adding that “there’s a real opportunity to create that.”

While Musk has yet to reveal more details on his ideas for the “X” app, his comments confirm that he has renewed his Twitter acquisition offer.

In April, the world’s richest man- who in 2017 reacquired the domain name X.com from PayPal for an undisclosed amount, agreed to buy the microblogging service for $44 billion before backpedaling on the agreement due to various flaws in the platform’s user base. He also established three holding firms, each named with a variation of “X Holdings,” as part of his original bid to acquire Twitter, giving the impression that he might try to integrate all his businesses under one larger parent firm.


A mini-internet within a single app would be a game changer for the way we use technology. It would make it possible to access all of our information and applications in one place, without having to switch between multiple programs. This would not only save us time but also improve our productivity.

With so many different devices and platforms available, it’s no wonder that Elon Musk wants to create an ‘everything app.’ We should all be excited about the possibilities this could bring. What do you think?

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