Samsung’s “Artificial Human” Project Could be Its Boldest Ever

Dubbed, NEON, the new AI-powered digital human concept appears to replicate human emotions and intelligence


South Korean tech giant Samsung is set to announce its new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered product, dubbed NEON, at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 next week/Jan. 7.

Although the information about the company’s mysterious project is limited, one thing is certain: NEON is not an advanced version of Bixby, Samsung’s AI-powered digital assistant. According to the project’s Twitter account, which has been keeping up the mystery, the official description of NEON is “artificial human“.

In fact, going by the teasers posted on NEON’s official website,, the product appears to be an AI-powered multilingual (English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.) “artificial intelligence being” and “best friend” that will replicate human emotions and intelligence. Film director and creative guru Shekhar Kapur said in a tweet that NEON “will make you wonder which one of you is real.”

A report from the Korea Herald says that NEON is being developed by Samsung Technology & US-based Advanced Research Labs (STAR Labs) and led by president and CEO Pranav Mistry, Samsung’s youngest executive.

“A newly emerging trend in AI is to make AI platforms resemble humans,” one industry official told the publication. “Global tech giants including Samsung are racing to create something that can be called AI assistants that are like real humans, beyond the current device-based platforms.”

At this point, it’s hard to predict what exactly NEON is, but considering the product’s new “AI-powered digital human concept”, it will very likely be limited to a screen of some sort as opposed to an actual, physical robot. That said, if NEON turns out to be an AI human-like computer, then is safe to say that operating systems are hurtling toward a new paradigm, that of personalized OS and real androids.

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