Apple’s iPhone 8 is Coming with Some Big Changes (AAPL)

It's going to be a really special phone. And if its hefty price tag is any indication of just how special it is, then we’re in for a treat.

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We’re just a few months away from seeing the iPhone 8 for real. Yet rumors and speculations still persist and will probably continue until the official unveiling, most likely in September, if Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stays true to its tradition.

While we’re still waiting for its arrival, we’ve rounded up what we know so far (and also what we’d like to believe) about Apple’s upcoming flagship phone.

For starters, we can’t help but believe that being its 10th anniversary phone, the iPhone 8 (also being referred to by some analysts as iPhone X) will be as spectacular as what we are expecting (and hoping) it to be. Some of its most anticipated features include virtual fingerprint scanning, facial recognition capability, enhanced water resistance and wireless charging. And by wireless charging, we mean true ‘wireless’ charging, allowing the gadget to be charged within a range of about 20 feet, with no wires needed.

On the outside, the iPhone 8 variants — we’re expecting 2 or 3 ranging in size from 4.7 inches to 5.8 inches — will likely have no physical home button (we’re assuming Apple has already solved this problem that threatened to push back production). Instead, its Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) will be directly embedded in the display (if not, it will be placed on the phone’s rear). And this is what will make its bezel-less (meaning borderless) design possible.

It might be smaller than the iPhone 7, but i8 will have a bigger display that will take up the entire screen. And it’s going to be an OLED display at that, which means brighter, sharper and clearer everything, plus improved power efficiency too. It’s also going to have either an all-glass build, or a combination of stainless steel and glass, which will make it look as sleek as ever.

Reports about the camera’s positioning are still contradicting at this stage, with the most popular rumor suggesting that it will have vertical dual cameras at its rear. What’s (almost) certain, though, is that the camera will be an upgraded version. It really has to be to live up to the hype.

Of course, it won’t have a headphone jack, because it’s going to be weird to bring back something that’s already been removed. But at least it looks like Apple is planning to include AirPods as part of the iPhone 8 package.

There won’t likely be a 32GB variant. The lowest variant will be 64GB, and RAM will be boosted to 3GB. It will be powered by an Apple A11 chip and will run iOS11.

Finally, with its rumored high-end and high-tech specs, it’s not hard to surmise that the iPhone 8 won’t come cheap. Of course, no iPhone really is. But this latest one will be the most expensive ever, with a price tag starting at $1,000. Will its price be worth it? We’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, check out this video from ConceptsiPhone showing what could turn out to be the iPhone 8’s final design.

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