Twitter (TWTR) Open for Sale

FOX Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino reports that Twitter (TWTR) “is open for sale,” and most likely going to Facebook (FB) or Google (GOOG)“under the right circumstances and the right price.”

On whether Twitter is open for sale

“My banking sources…what they’re saying is this, following the exit of Mr. Costolo as the CEO what they are hearing, what they believe is that Twitter would be open for sale at this point. Remember, in the past it would refuse the sale to both Facebook and Google. From what I understand in the past, rejected those sales it is now open under the right circumstances and the right price. We should point out some of this is not just what we’re hearing inside the company…what they are saying right now, is this thing under the right deal, the right number, the right company namely those two companies that this company is open for sale is what the bankers are telling me.”

Fox Business Network

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