Renowned Contemporary Artist Replicates Iconic Portraits Using Microsoft’s (MSFT) Surface Pro 3

To promote the UK launch of its Surface Pro tablet, which will be released today (August 28), Microsoft (MSFT) has asked renowned contemporary artist James Mylne to recreate on a Surface Pro 3 the famous portraits of the Bronte Sisters, William Shakespeare and Dame Christabel Pankhurst.

Mylne’s digital form sketches each took 12 hours to produce using Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app and the stylus.

Time-lapsed videos of the creations, which were shown at London’s National Portrait Gallery, have also been unveiled.

“After years of creating art with a ballpoint pen on paper, it’s remarkable how quickly I was able to adapt my working style to the Surface Pro 3,” the 33-year-old British artist explained.

“The Pen has many levels of pressure sensitivity, which enabled me to create smooth, precise lines and capture the depth and spirit of each painting.”

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