Apple (AAPL)’s iPhone 5S Rumored to Include Fingerprint Scanning Technology

In a note to clients issued early Friday, Topeka Capital’s Brian White seems to have reversed his prior position that Apple (AAPL) will release the iPhone 5S this summer in at least two and possible three screen sizes. A meeting with unnamed sources on a tour of China and Taiwan has apparently left White with the impression that the screen size will be unchanged from the iPhone 5.

The analyst however, came away from the meeting convinced that the next high-end iPhone will include a fingerprint recognition ID system which will be the differentiating feature for the 5S, like what virtual digital assistant Siri was to the 4S.

In addition to the fingerprint scanning technology — rumors of an iPhone equipped with a fingerprint sensor have intensified since Apple’s $356 million acquisition of biometric security firm AuthenTec last year — White says the 5S will have some minor cosmetic changes:

“The camera is expected to be larger and the left side buttons to be arranged a bit differently.”

White also shares in his research some additional thoughts about Apple’s low-cost iPhone he expects this summer:

[via Macrumors] “Strangely enough, the lower-priced iPhone is still being called the “iPhone mini”; however, the general consensus (albeit a few disagreed and expect a slightly smaller screen) was that this new device would actually have the same screen size (i.e., 4-inches) as the iPhone 5. However, the “iPhone mini” will have a curved back casing made of colored plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5. We also learned the pricing could be a bit higher than our recently raised expectation, reaching as high as $400.”

Shares of Apple closed Friday at $429.80, with a 52wk range of $419.00 – $705.07.

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1 Comment on Apple (AAPL)’s iPhone 5S Rumored to Include Fingerprint Scanning Technology

  1. I’d much rather have a plastic backing in colors!

    The metal is always cold to the touch and scratches far too easily.

    With a nice hard plastic shell built in, in choice of colors, add a screen protector, and you’d be all set.

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