Which Tweets Matter?

If you are like me, you have reached your limit of 10 saved searches on Twitter. Searching Twitter to keep track of trends and topics that matter to you is probably a daily function.

The problem with Twitter Search is that you can’t tell the difference between a tweet going out to 100,000 followers and a tweet going out to 3 followers. Icerocket.com (a company i am involved with) has solved and simplified the process.

If I want to see if anyone has tweeted about one of my blog posts, now i can also check to see the number of followers that person has, and using links right on the page, quickly reply to, or re-tweet their post. Now when I get cursed out, called names or praised in a tweet, I know how many people could possibly be reading the tweet. Its also a good indicator as to how many times its been retweeted.

Icerocket.com’s twitter search also allows you to save far more than 10 searches. So if you track quite a few topics, you are no longer limited to 10 searches.

It’s also interesting to put in trending searches to see just who is tweeting about the topic and how many followers they have. Those bizarre trending topics sometimes have a lot of tweets from people who have 10 or fewer followers. It makes it easier to determine if there truly is something unique going on, or if someone is gaming the system.

I’m curious what people think about this function from Icerocket.com and if they have any better alternatives.

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