Dell Phone Launching In China in the Next 48 Hours?

Perhaps that Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) mobile phone it is after all going on sale in China.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reports this morning that Dell may be launching an Android-based phone in China in the next day or two,  citing a source with knowledge of the situation.

Mr. Arrington, who says in his TC post that he is trying to verify the information and gather more specifics on the hardware and OS, admits the evidence relating to the story is “extremely thin.” However, TC’s founder supports and emphasizes the reliability of  his sources, noting that they and other sources coming out of Asia used to break news in the region in the past and have been “spot on” with their information.

The source also reports the phone could be “iPhone like” with a touchscreen and no physical keyboard.

There have been rumors in the last few months of Dell launching a mobile phone in the Chinese market with China Mobile (NYSE:CHL) as its carrier. If true, the move would put Dell right in the middle of a huge and very competitive market. China Mobile is the world’s biggest mobile carrier with 493 million  subscribers, so even a small market share could be a large number of shipments and a nice source of revenue for the world’s number two PC vendor.

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  1. By the way many companies are bringing new technologies soon. But we should accept that iphone has changed the concept of Mobile Phone and now nokia is coming up with this new phone which i am sure will leave all the phones behind. Check the details of phone nokia aeon
    And good luck to Dell

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