Romney’s Gift from Bernanke

Mitt Romney just received a huge campaign gift from Ben Bernanke as he moves to the Florida primary.    The Fed just announced they will continue to flog savers  — i.e., Florida retirees who live off CD income, and we’re talking Credit Default swaps! — possibly into 2014.   Ouch!

This is one reason Ron Paul has done so well in the primaries to the surprise of many,  in our opinion.   Wonder if Mitt’s advisers are smart enough to pick up on it?   You think?

Talk about divisive government.   We have policies, now institutionalized, that punish savers and subisidize debtors,  many of which have made very poor capital allocation decisions and/or have lived beyond their means.    Looks like the Fed won’t be satisfied until they turn all the widows and orphans into gold speculators.

All in the name of trying to improve the housing market.  But when was  the last time housing bottomed when rates were effectively at zero or negative?  Rates have only one way in a no bubble and will go up big when the repression ends and housing prices generally follow interest rates.

Of course, if you believe big inflation is coming, you’ll rush to buy hard assets.  But to have big sustained inflation,  wages need to rise.   That is, unless, of course,  people lose confidence in the paper currency and money demand collapses.

We can only conclude the Fed wants to generate another bubble.   Enjoy the ride and let’s hope we can jump off before the train wreck.

We’re not complaining cause we had/might/will/have  a big position in gold to try and protect our savings.  But, do you honesty think the retirees in Florida living off the 0.2% they earn on their CDs are sitting in front of trading screen whipping and driving in the gold market?

Finally,  why do we have this funny feeling the sovereign debt crisis will hit the U.S. shores before November’s election.   Modern Monetary Theory aside — which states deficits don’t as the government is not revenue constrained when it has access to a printing press and inflation remains low.  We will debate this in a later post — it’s coming, folks.   Maybe to Japan first.

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