Bernie Madoff Responds to Charlie Gasparino

Convicted Ponzi scheme architect Bernie Madoff responded to FBN’s Charlie Gasparino’s story which pointed out the lies that Madoff continues to spin from his prison cell. Madoff’s response came via “lengthy and somewhat rambling emails,” in which he not only refuted Gasparino’s story, but  called Gasparino a “typical hatchet job reporter rather than someone (he) truly respected in the past.” Madoff maintains that Harvard Business School “is building an Entrepreneur course” around his career and he has received over “one hundred requests worldwide” for media interviews from his prison cell. Excerpts from the report can be found below, courtesy of Fox Business Network.

On Bernie Madoff’s response to Charlie Gasparino challenging the veracity of his claims:
“The guy who wronged so many people now says he was wronged by me. What has Madoff so peeved, according to a couple of lengthy and somewhat rambling emails he sent me yesterday, is that I somehow doubted much of what he told me during nearly two months of telephone and email chats, and by doing so I’ve become a ‘typical hatchet job reporter rather than someone (he) truly respected in the past.’”

On Madoff’s defense to his relationship with the Harvard Business School:
“Some of the things Madoff takes issue with include my reporting on his alleged relationship with the Harvard Business School. Madoff wrote me in one of our first emails email that he ‘is building an Entrepreneur course’ around his role in creating the largest electronic market on Wall Street. I reported that Harvard denied any and all involvement with Madoff, but Madoff is undeterred in his quest to show he has an relationship with the school. In his latest emails, he says my initial FBN story was sent to him by the actual ‘Harvard Business School Professor I have been working with,’ and that he has received from this unnamed professor a ‘letter and numerous e-mails concerning Harvard Business School’s professor’s course project with me.’”

On what media outlets have requested interviews with Madoff:
“’As for your comments about  my use of the media to somehow feed my ego,’ Madoff writes, ‘Of the more than one hundred requests I have received worldwide, I have only granted three interviews two for books and one for the London Financial Times, who like you wrongly reported that I was working on an Ethics course.’”

On Madoff’s defense of his comments on SAC Capital and it’s founder Steve Cohen:
“Bernie wants to clarify his earlier remarks about SAC, Cohen and what he says is the alleged abuse that did take place. ‘After reviewing my language to you I realized I mistakenly said they offered to execute MY orders. It should have read We could execute SAC’S orders and earn the commissions which was his standard offer to market makers who would provide him with information regarding the market makers order flow. Surely you had to be familiar with his procedure, which was widely rumored in the press. His managers, like everyone else were of the opinion that we had access to huge orders from our Hedge fund as well as our market making flow which was hundred’s of thousands of orders daily that they could run in front of and visa versa with SAC’s orders.’ He added: ‘Did you really expect SAC Capital to confirm the illegal conversation they had with my firm while they are currently under investigation for insider trading.’”

On why he didn’t attend the funeral for his son Mark, who committed suicide last year:
“’There was no funeral because he was cremated,’ he writes, adding that he was also ‘informed by the prison that They would not grant permission to attend if requested.’”

On whether Madoff will have a face-to-face interview with Gasparino:
“I guess that you saw fit to write an article prior to our face to face visit so there is no point re scheduling your meeting,’ he writes, adding that he feels ‘compelled to add the following remarks’ in his latest round of emails to me, even though he realizes that they are ‘probably falling on deaf ears.”

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