Gasparino Reports Merrill Lynch Computers Malfunctioning

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that the computers within Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch (BAC) suffered a blackout earlier this morning. FBN’s Charles Payne broke the news on air saying Merrill Lynch has “no trading in its brokerage network” earlier this morning and this will impact “millions of small investors.” Excerpts from the report can be found below, courtesy of Fox Business Network.

Charles Payne reporting breaking news that the computers inside Merrill Lynch are down:
“Charlie Gasparino tells FOX Business Merrill Lynch has no trading in its brokerage network. The impact will be to millions of small investors. For a large part of the morning, all of the computers at Merrill Lynch were out. It was a system wide malfunction in which there was absolutely no trading. Now some are back online. We are waiting from confirmation or comment from Bank of America to see just how widespread this is.”

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