The ‘Made in the USA’ Label May Be Poised for a Comeback

The next few years will bring a wave of reinvestment by U.S. multinational manufacturers in their home base, as rising wages and a strong yuan currency make China a less attractive production center, the paper by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicts. The study, published on Thursday, says U.S. reinvestment will accelerate as the US becomes one of the cheapest locations for manufacturing in the developed world. – Reuters

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1 Comment on The ‘Made in the USA’ Label May Be Poised for a Comeback

  1. Corporate america should encourage patriotism. It is unpatriotic and morally wrong to hire a foreigner over us citizen at any cost. As we can’t replace our politician with best and bright politician from other country so should not we replace our workers. Only pimps are benefiting. US has has a lot of talent and the best universities. We need to thing our kids future.

    America should not put all its eggs in India’s basket. They get trained here and compete agaist us. Most americans are in favor of Durbin/Grassley bill 887. Who would be against reducing fraud and abuse other than employers and contractors that depend on fraud and abuse? H1B WAS STARTED IN GOOD INTENT TO FILL SHORT TERM SKILL SHORTAGE and now it has become a 800 lb gorilla killing american workers jobs

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