Support for Repeal of Health Care Reform Falls Below 50%

The Rasmussen poll, which tends to have a Republican-leaning “house effect,” is now showing “support for repeal of [health care reform] has fallen below 50%” for the first time since enactment of the legislation on March 23, 2010 (via Daily Kos). Rasmussen has been using the following question wording:

A proposal has been made to repeal the health care bill and stop it from going into effect. Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose a proposal to repeal the health care bill?

I’ve always thought the measure to be vague; for example, does “somewhat favor” mean that someone would like parts of the legislation to be repealed, but not others? For what it’s worth, though, here is a trend graph I made from percentages listed on Rasmussen’s site and a little artistic flourish on my part:

There obviously have been fluctuations, and likely will into the future. However, from mid-March to the present, there appears to be a downward trend in support for repeal.

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1 Comment on Support for Repeal of Health Care Reform Falls Below 50%

  1. Dear Sir,
    This Health reform does it mean even the Sentors Governs and Mayors of Citys

    Health Care get infected to if there are 65 and older to or just the comman
    people of each state.

    I dont think it is fare that use Common people have to suffer while you people on the Hill in Washington play with our lives and gives Taxes bracks to the Rich and you people get raises and we who go on ss dont get raises WHY?
    How much do you charge the pwoplw in taxes for the TIES YOU GUYS WEAR AND TRIPS YOU GO ON THAT TAXES PAYERS HAVE TO PAY FOR.Instead of Limos why not car pool with others or use Bus services.Another way to save money CUT ALL YOUR PAYS AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT YOU ALL GET ENOUGHT TAX BRACKS EVEN YOU WHOLE FAMILYS DO TO.Betsey

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