Marc Faber’s May Outlook: Beware the False Breakout in Stocks

Swiss investor Marc Faber has just released his latest issue of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report where he discussed his outlook for the stock market, gold, emerging markets, and other financial topics. Here are a few highlights from the report:

1. Equity Markets–The markets may be giddy about stocks hitting new highs, but contrarian investor Marc Faber is having nothing of this. He is concerned that stocks will fall sharply in May and that the recent breakout in stocks will prove to be trap for the bulls. The markets are due for a correction and the technicals point to a weak market. In particular, Faber points to the decline in new 52 week highs as evidence of an unhealthy internal market. Right now, Faber would stay away from cyclicals, tech stocks, and banks. If you have to own stocks make sure it is something safe like consumer staples (MO, JNJ, PEP, KO, etc).

2. Gold & Silver—Still likes gold as a long-term investment and recommends dollar cost averaging every month regardless of the price. However, when it comes to silver, Faber is more cautious, noting the recent run-up in the price. He expects a 20%+ correction in the metals complex because the inflation trade has become too crowded.

3. Commodities–Dr Copper is issuing a warning to investors. While the S&P 500 has made a new high, copper failed to do so (non-confirmation). This is a significant development because Dr Copper and the SP 500 have a very high correlation. This signal, along with the large declines in other commodities such as sugar and cotton, leads Faber to believe that stocks could follow commodities lower (in the short-term)

4. Buy Housing–While Faber thinks the US housing market has another 10% to fall, he would be a buyer because of attractive valuations. Faber compares the price of US housing to gold and concludes that housing has not been this cheap since the early 1980’s. But do not think there will be a quick recovery–there won’t be. The main point about housing is that it is a good inflation hedge and will likely keep its purchasing power of the next 10 years. In a serious inflation environment, Faber would rather own housing than paper dollars.

5. More QE Guaranteed–In Faber’s opinion, QE 3 is a near certainty. The US will be running trillion dollar budget deficits for the next 10 years. There is no way they can finance all of this through bond issuance. The Fed will have to at least partially monetize this to keep interest rates low.

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